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What is the purpose for ativan ?" Another caller brought up medical quandary: What if the child had seizures and needed emergency medication? "Are you on ativan?" the father asked. "Yes," the mother replied. "I'm so curious about this," a man on the line said. generic viagra online pharmacy usa "What are children on ativan for?" "They are allergic to ativan," his father responded. That sort of information is important to parents who believe their children shouldn't be prescribed the anti-psychotic when they need it, but many doctors don't seem to be aware of the risks ativan. In the two years since ABC News investigation aired, no one has been prosecuted at all for this case, and the doctor behind it doesn't seem to have learned much from it. The doctor who prescribed him ativan for the son, Stephen J. White, continues to take the drug for his other son, who continues to be taken off it for seizures. The other son, who may be at risk for long-term side effects, has received ativan, once, twice, once every four months since the ABC News investigation aired, according to two public health staffers who spoke on condition of anonymity. Doctors, lawyers and advocacy groups have long wondered why a doctor would recommend medication like ativan despite its known risks to children. One person who's been trying to improve the situation is a lawyer for patients who have had a stroke. When the ABC News story ran, he and some colleagues had been talking to the attorney for doctor behind case, John Leopold. They asked Leopold about the ativan online fast delivery potential risk of using drug in children. He replied that didn't know, adding, "I don't worry about it." "I thought, 'Well, why not ask the general practitioner?' " says Leopold. "And she said to me, 'Well, you shouldn't ask the doctor about it because he doesn't see kids with ativan.' And, of course, I said, 'Exactly.' " White, who initially took the blame for deaths of two his children, says he wasn't aware of this at the time he wrote his drug prescriptions. But, then, he says, was "very surprised" to learn what the drug could do - because it happens so frequently in the medical industry. White says he learned of ativan's side effects while working in the 1990s for a major pharmaceutical company, where there was no pushback in his industry against prescription drug side effects for children, nor any guidelines to prevent them. So he stopped writing those prescriptions, says. "The question I ask them all the time is, 'Have they ever given ativan to a kid with autism or any medical condition?' " White said. "I'm always shocked at the answer. I've never had a company respond positively [to my efforts]. We're not getting response from the government." White says he now works for a nonprofit organization that helps make what is a good substitute for ativan sure these medications are prescribed only for children who need them - in this case by getting doctors' attention to the possibility that ativan could be causing more than just migraines. He also runs a website called Asked about the new investigation, White said he can't speak to whether ativan should be added to the list of drugs prohibited in children. But he said that, based on the information he has at this point, "the risks are much higher that the benefits are worth it; for my patients and us." White acknowledged the potential dangers of long-term ativan use but said, "I'm not convinced there's a"

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What is better for anxiety klonopin or ativan ? [2:57 AM] mattaconda529 so what, i guess theres a slight possibility for side effects like a lack of oxygen, shortness breath, etc but then i guess [2:57] and not for me since ill be tripping anymore [2:58 what is ativan for anxiety AM] mattaconda529 the side effects are minimal [2:58] there isn't a major side effect profile [2:58] like somedays i've been feeling a little fatigued and then i'm fine [2:58] so again, you can try this at your own risk imo. [2:58] and imo, a slight chance of the drug working its magic, and having very few side effects is preferable [2:59 AM] kaahz you don't want to fuck with this shit, do you? You look like a dick about lot of things [2:59] i was wondering if you could try it to see how you feel [2:59] i think you're right [3:00 AM] ativan vs xanax for sleep lolph it's been a few hours and ive got 2 things to keep in mind as i'm reading: 1. it won't kill you, 2. ativan will probably keep you awake so might be able to take ativan haldol benadryl reglan cream ritalin and naltrexone so this is basically a one time thing. [3:00] I'm also a bit concerned this stuff might be something of a miracle drug. I don't know if it will, but I'm kinda scared i might fuck it up somehow. [3:01] but i guess ativan, like, takes out the nausea and cravings for opiates, but it also keeps you up at night, so it might be okay. [3:01] i feel the same way for myself [3:02] ive also noticed my dreams havent been as vivid they used to be. Is it possible this isn't really a drug after all, but chemical? [3:02] like, my dreams arent as detailed or elaborate anymore [3:02] like i was getting quite interested Ativan for elderly patients in trying this stuff out [3:03] when i asked a friend what was the dose i looking at this morning, he mentioned like 500mgs of ativan. That feels like a pretty generous amount to me, though. [3:03] or 5mg per kilogram of body weight as i'm guessing? [3:03] i mean, thats a pretty high dose imho [3:04] how about something in between 2.5-4mg? [3:04] that is 2.5-4mg x 150mgs /kg [3:04] :facepalm: :heh: [3:05] either way i imagine it'll be alright. can't get that fast with regular opiates, but thats probably a good thing. [3:05] i don't know how good it would be taking something like that for anxiety and shit though, but i'm also not a medical professional so i shouldn't say too much :shrug: [3:05] i think any of the other stuff is probably more appropriate though imo. Like you go for 2 weeks and then drop it off, come back and take it again. I feel like if you're gonna try these for anxiety, you're gonna have to take it for at least 2 weeks or so [3:06] and you're gonna have to go down the other way around [3:]