Duvet & Bed Linen Islington

Duvet & Bed Linen Service in Islington

Dry-cleaning and washing blankets, duvets, bed linens and pillowcases are usually some of the most ignored chores in maintaining a clean household. Fortunately, Doorstep dry cleaners are experts not only in washing and ironing but also in duvet & bed linen Islington.

Duvets, Blankets and Sheets Cleaning Services
Professional and Expert Services
Laundry experience with us will provide you with a perfect washing solution to remove the bed bugs and dust mites that might be in your bedding. You need time to take the proper care of these to retain the vibrance. You will be surprised to know the range of household items Doorstep laundry services can handle.

Why should you choose us?
Step 1: Pick up one service.
Other than bed linen and duvet cleaning, we can provide expert washing and dry-cleaning services with speed, quality and convenience.

Step 2: Get started
After selecting the service, you want, schedule a collection time that is preferable for you. Put your beddings, pillows, cases and duvets in a bag. If you have some specific instructions, then put a specific label on the laundry bag.
Your order will be washed, clean and folded and returned to you at your doorstep.

Give Your Bed a Clean Makeover
Some people like going to dry-cleaners because it helps them get out of the house more, but they cannot get their bed linens and duvets back faster than us. We promise a one-day turnaround. We can provide the same day collection and next day delivery. We can provide contactless, fast and flexible deliveries.

What makes Doorstep Dry-cleaning services so special?
• Fast laundry- all our laundry is done in-house and usually ready the very next day.
• Fresh smelling and clean – we use environment-friendly detergents and soaps that are worth the extra pennies. We have big industrial washing machines that do a thorough washing of every laundry.
• Pre-washing is done for the stains to remove the need for any kind of bleaches and premature fabric ageing.
• Outstanding dry-cleaning results – we iron all our laundry after thorough washing, which results in a natural crisp, without needing starch.
• No damage to the duvets, covers, plastic poppers and buttons in ironing. Our expert team is completely trained to take all the preventative measures needed to terminate all damage that is so often seen at laundrettes.
• Clean, fresh laundry wrapped in a neat parcel to be decorated in your bed.