Laundrette near me

Your clothes can last you for many years if you take care of them properly. Keeping them for longer will make sure they remain looking new and vibrant. Also, you can give them away resell them knowing that they don’t look old.

You help you keep your laundry for longer, The Doorstep Laundry & Dry Cleaners is a laundrette near you that has modern washing machines and driers to help make your laundry experience a different one. Our washers and driers also have enough room to take all your laundry; so, don’t be afraid to bring it all. We are open around the clock and we have a flexible schedule to even accommodate the busiest of people. We know that laundry can be time consuming and your busy schedule might not be able to accommodate it. You can drop off your laundry at the laundrette near you and we will take care of it. This also gives you enough time to run other chores if you’re pressed for time.

We offer more than just laundry, because we know that your clothes get torn and wear down with time. That is why we offer clothes repair services. So that you get to wear that favourite piece of clothing for longer. Below are a few tips we think can help you keep your clothes for longer. Its not an exhaustive list, but they are worth trying and giving a go.

Buy Quality pieces – quality clothes are not expensive (maybe at times they are). Always look out for sales, where you can buy a few quality pieces at affordable prices. Quality takes time to wear down and you will benefit immensely.

Store in a dry environment – your clothes need a dry place. Any dampness can lead to smelly clothes and weaker fabric. Always ensure your cupboards are dry.

Use a cool iron – unless stated, don’t overheat your clothes when ironing. Use the iron with a cool setting. Also, a steam iron is highly recommended.