Laundry service Islington

Best dry-cleaning and laundry services delivered in London Islington. We aim to deliver quick, simple and green services to our customers. With us, you get to do less Laundry and live more life. 

How does Laundry service Islington works?

We pickup, dry-clean and deliver your clothes cleaned and folded in 24 to 48 hours. 

Select service and Schedule pickup

By using our modern website, you can choose the service you want, schedule a pickup time. And deliver them back at a convenient time.

  1. Meet our driver 

Our worker will come to your preferred location to collect your clothes. Our team members will list your order and set the price accordingly. 

  1. Enjoy fresh clothes 

We will bring your garments smelling fresh and looking clean in 24 to 48 hours. So, you can enjoy your life more. 

Why choose Doorstep Laundrette Service Islington

Instant update 

We will keep you informed throughout the procedure with email or text alerts when the order has been cleaned, and the driver is on his way.

Constant Monitoring of the situation 

We are keeping updated with all the developments from the UK government to make sure our staff and customers remain safe.

Contactless Delivery

In order to keep our customers safe, we have enabled the feature which enables our customers to have contactless delivery. 


How can I schedule my order?

Open our website to place your order. We have an app in development, and soon you will be making orders through this. We will keep you updated on new developments.

Can I order contactless delivery?

Yes, you can choose contactless delivery according to your preference, just log in to our website and choose your preference and you will get instructions from there. 

How does Doorstep laundry ensure high-quality cleaning?

We are a unique dry-cleaning and laundrette because we operate online and in-store. Therefore, we have an in-house service where we do all the cleaning. This way, we get control to optimise the procedures and systems to make sure you get top quality services. This makes us different from companies that just have the technology and farm the washing to other providers with no process system check. 

Quality Assurance 

We have done extensive testing and research to ensure the top quality and durability of your cleaning process. 

Flexible delivery

We are flexible for delivery so we can keep up with customer demand

Environment Friendly 

We use environment-friendly and sustainable products only.