For a laundry service to be considered good, it must offer all the services that your clothing need, be reasonably priced, and be easy to use. In addition to the services, the setting is crucial for making you feel at ease while you’re there. All these characteristics in a laundry service ensure that the consumer is happy and satisfied, thus the customer service also needs to be excellent. The Doorstep Laundry Service has all the qualities and services that a customer needs for the clothes.

The Doorstep Laundry

The Doorstep laundry and dry cleaners is a professional service that does precisely what its name suggests. They collect your clothes from your doorstep so you can save a trip to the laundromat. They clean, iron, and fold your clothes for you while you tackle other tasks you have set up for yourself. When you have set for your clothes to be delivered back to you, they will return your clothes. Their fast-paced service focuses on providing maximum ease for any customer with a busy schedule. Their services include commercial cleaning, too. Their team has been working since 2009 to provide their customers with quick and efficient service. You can order your laundry by contacting their branch in Hackney, Islington, UK.

Their business is constantly expanding as they introduce better machinery and friendlier staff into their laundry cleaning centre. They also have a branch in London where they offer the same services to their customers.



Pick My Laundry

They have launched an app for you to order your laundry with ease as they expand their business! Pick My Laundry is a new laundry service app through which you can easily order a laundry wash, where ever you are, whenever you want. The app is designed to make it easy for customers of all age groups to use.

The Doorstep Laundry Service provides exceptional dry cleaning services near me in your area Here are 5 reasons you should partner with The Doorstep for all your laundry needs:

On Time Pick-up and Delivery Service


You can make your bookings online or on the app ‘Pick My Laundry’. Your clothes will be collected, cleaned and delivered to you within 48 hours if you wish. This dry cleaning service adjusts according to your busy routine. This means that whatever time you choose, the laundry service rider will pick your clothes and drop them off at your convenience. Everything is to accommodate your needs during your busy routine. Our laundry service wishes to provide utter satisfaction to our customers. Do not worry, your clothes will never be delivered later than the time that has been once decided. This means that you can trust The Doorstep Laundry Service with last minute laundry and we will have your back!


Excellent Support Staff and Management Team


Our staff has been trained to keep the atmosphere extraordinarily professional and very friendly. All of our customers have expressed their satisfaction regarding our customer service. We try to keep the atmosphere as light and helpful as possible. Everyone feels safe and comfortable doing their laundry. You can also trust that we will treat your clothes with the utmost care as we believe clothes deserve. If you have any complaints, our helpful and friendly customer support will be available to listen to your queries and make sure your problems are solved. You can contact our customer service through our website, app or our phone number which is also mentioned on our website

Customer Reviews on Google

Our consumers deem our dry cleaning and laundry services to be great, quick, and efficient. Customers who used our clothing collection and delivery services said that we exceeded their expectations and that our staff members were very kind and helpful. Our timely delivery of your goods and positive client feedback speak for themselves.

Our app was incredibly simple to use, according to our clients. It has been created in a way that is very user-friendly. Simply download the app from the App Store on your phone to get started. Enter the information that the app requires. When ordering our laundry service, please choose the time of collection or delivery that works for your schedule.


Carefully Handling Customer’s Clothes

Our laundry service has the necessary equipment to treat your garments with the respect they merit. We make care to do our task on schedule and only utilise the highest quality materials. We offer dry cleaning for clothing that shouldn’t be washed in water. The greatest liquid solvents with the most delightful scents are used by us to effectively remove all stains and spots from your clothing. Your clothing will be as spotless and as clean as a brand-new item thanks to the diligent efforts of our experts! We provide ironing services to make your garments seem tidy and crisp after they have been cleaned and dried. Your clothing are expertly ironed, pressed, and folded by our professionals. The only thing left for you to do is hang the clothes we return to you in your closet because we strive to make your job as simple as possible.

Unbeatable Prices in the Area 

The Doorstep Laundry Service has the best and the most affordable prices for laundry and dry cleaning service! Our laundry wash is only for £6.99 per load of 8kg. If you choose to get a few items cleaned, each time is dry cleaned for different prices starting from £4.99! Alteration and repair services start from £2.50 for replacing the buttons on your shirts. All of these prices are incredibly affordable as the work quality is exceptional and will not give you a reason to complain! You can see more details about our prices on our website.


We are continually striving to provide better facilities to our customers and improving daily to ensure that you are satisfied! Our aim is to be the best laundry service near you in the area. We hope you give our laundry service near me a chance.