Having a good laundry service is one less thing to worry about. Clean clothes are a necessity, not a luxury. We all need clean and crisp clothes to start our day. There is nothing worse than having an empty and a whole laundry hamper. All of us need dry cleaners that are affordable and provide essential laundry services. Along with necessary services, we need a service that operates in a clean environment.

However, if you are searching for a ‘laundry service near me,‘ then keep in mind a few things before you trust a laundry service. Make sure to see their reviews, company history, and the services that they offer. One such excellent laundry service is the Wilmslow Dry Cleaning and Laundry Service. They are affiliated with the laundry cleaning center. The laundryman app is Wilmslow Dry Cleaning and Laundry Service is known as one of the best dry cleaners in Manchester.

In this laundry guide, we are going to enlist the best dry cleaners and laundry service providers in Manchester.

Wilmslow Dry Cleaning and Laundry Service

Wilmslow Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services care for their customer’s needs. Every customer brings their precious clothes to them for cleaning. They opt for the best cleaning methods to ensure that none of their customers leave with any disappointments. This is the best place you can find in Manchester when searching for ‘dry cleaners near me.’ All of their services are excellent and affordable!

In your busy schedule, Wilmslow Dry Cleaners will collect and deliver your clothes according to your convenience. Whatever time or date you choose, Wilmslow Laundry Service will be there to return your laundry, cleaned and fresh, back to you!

The Laundryman App

The Laundryman app offers dry cleaning and laundry services near me in Manchester. They provided a laundry collection and delivered it to your doorstep. Their aim is to make cleaning convenient. With only a click on their website or app, you can place an order. The Laundryman app offers the best dry cleaning and launderette services in Manchester, where they take care by providing quality laundry services. They deliver your laundry back within 24 hours. You can track every detail of your order placed.

The Laundryman app ensures to use of quality products, giving your clothes the treatment they deserve. Usually, cheap laundry service providers use poor cleaning products that ruin your clothes’ quality and cause them to wear and tear. The laundryman app not only provides excellent services but also provide pick and drop services.



This dry cleaner’s service provides and ensures a quality experience. In order to get this service, you can go to their website, contact them to collect your clothes and deliver them back to you after cleaning. If you are looking to get quality dry cleaning services in Manchester, then laundry heap dry cleaners are the best option out there. They not only promise to deliver you clean clothes but they are ironed and smell fresh. The laundry heap also operates in Leeds, Harrogate, Hackney, and Islington.


Laundrapp cleaners offer a quality and professional dry-cleaning service at competitive rates. They aim to provide an excellent customer experience with reliable and professional dry cleaning and laundry services. All their clothes are pre-spotted to make sure a detailed and thorough cleaning. They separate lights and darks from each other. They always use a specific temperature in washing and dry cleaning the clothes in order to maintain the quality of the fabric. Their ironing services are up to the mark, and they use the latest ironing machinery.

They provide attention to detail, and all their clothes are hand-finished. They offer services to both business and domestic customers, including hotels, B&Bs, houses, sports clubs, and restaurants.


Love2laundry is the top choice for laundry and dry cleaners near me in Islington and Hackney. It is one of the most convenient laundry pick-up services. They are professional, reliable dry cleaners dedicated to reducing stress and saving time for all our customers. Get expert-quality laundry without having to set foot out of your house. They have free pick-up and delivery services, and they return your clothes within 24 hours.

Please place your order online or through their app. They will collect at a time and place that suits you. They will work their magic and return your clean and fresh clothes.