Small scale businesses have suffered the most during these challenging times with covid-19. Almost every industry is associated with a commercial laundry service to wash their uniforms. In support of these small businesses, The Doorstep Laundry is here today to tell you about some of the best commercial laundry places near me in London, UK, that provide services for every industry. These places promise to treat your clothes with the best care.

The Doorstep Laundry

The Doorstep laundry and dry cleaners is a professional service that does precisely what its name suggests. They collect your clothes from your doorstep so you can save a trip to the laundromat. They clean, iron, and fold your clothes for you while you tackle other tasks you have set up for yourself. When you have set for your clothes to be delivered back to you, they will return your clothes. Their fast-paced service focuses on providing maximum ease for any customer with a busy schedule. Their services include commercial cleaning, too. Their team has been working since 2009 to provide their customers with quick and efficient service. You can order your laundry by contacting their branch in Hackney, Islington, UK.

Their business is constantly expanding as they introduce better machinery and friendlier staff into their laundry cleaning center. They also have a branch in London where they offer the same services to their customers.

Pick My Laundry

As they expand their business, they have launched an app for you to order your laundry with ease! Pick My Laundry is a new laundry service app through which you can easily order a laundry wash, where ever you are, whenever you want. The app is designed to make it easy for customers of all age groups to use.

Here are some commercial launderette and dry cleaning services near me in Hackney:

Wolf Laundry

Their laundromat offers exceptional services and ensures that all of their customers are satisfied and happy with the results. For the clothes that should not be washed with water, they have dry cleaning services. They use the best liquid solvents with the loveliest fragrance and efficiently remove all stains and spots from your clothes. Their hardworking staff makes sure to remove all stains from your clothes and render them as clean as a brand new garment! Afterward, they iron and fold your clothes before returning them to you. They work on a contract basis with companies to dry clean on a commercial scale.


The laundry heap customers rank this place as the best Dry Cleaner, Laundry Service, and Launderette Hackney, Islington, UK. They pick your clothes, clean them up, and deliver them back to your home within 24 hours! Looking at how satisfied the customers are, the laundryman Best App puts our trust in them too. They provide ironing services as well. Other than that, they provide cleaning services for substantial cloth pieces, such as your bedsheets. You can choose the collection and delivery time according to your convenience; they will clean your clothes and deliver them at the proper time. Laundryheap provides commercial dry cleaning services, too.

5 Star Dry Cleaners

5 Star dry cleaners offer five-star excellent laundry services, dry cleaning, alterations, and repair for your clothes. They offer their customers every service to fulfill the needs of their clothes. Other than regular laundry, the services they provide include household and linen cleaning, leather and suede, handbags, curtain, and rug cleaning. On special occasions, they clean and deliver wedding dresses, too. They offer a unique service to their laundromat; the laundromat is open 24 hours, meaning you can collect your clothes yourself any time you want after they have been cleaned. They are a Laundromat service that you can trust your clothes with. They are located in Hackney, UK.

Crystal Laundry Service Ltd.

This is a professional and cheap garment care service. Crystal Cleaners promise to provide a better cleaning service for your fabrics and materials and your skin and the environment. Affordability is their priority, and they are a cheap dry cleaning service near me. Their cleaning method effectively cleans clothes using a safe, bio-degradable detergent and washes a wide range of cloth fabric that a normal dry cleaning process cannot clean. Their same-day delivery services are available in Hackney, London, UK.


This curtain cleaning service delivers all over Hackney, but due to the restrictions imposed to avoid the spread of coronavirus, they collect and deliver your laundry twice a week. Curtain cleaning is a process slightly different from regular laundry. Because they are big, some areas might not be fully cleaned. But 123Cleaners clean your curtains thoroughly. They are highly experienced in this procedure and ensure that you will receive clean curtains that smell great! Besides curtain cleaning, this laundry service provides all other services like laundry, dry cleaning, ironing and alterations, and repairing your clothes. They also have a 15% discount on your first order of their curtain cleaning service! 123Cleaners provides commercial cleaning in every field.

The Doorstep Laundry Service has informed you of some of Hackney’s cheap Commercial Dry Cleaning near me that provide exceptional services! We hope you put your trust in them as you put in us. They ensure that all of their customers remain satisfied throughout their journey with these cleaning services.