Since Islington is a small area of London, everything you require is essentially nearby. Although this region doesn’t have a wide selection of laundromats, there are several cleaning facilities that offer excellent services and fully clean your clothes. The top dry cleaning and laundry services in your area of Islington, London, UK, will be found by the Doorstep Laundry Service.

The Doorstep Laundry

The Doorstep laundry and dry cleaners is a professional service that does precisely what its name suggests. They collect your clothes from your doorstep so you can save a trip to the laundromat. They clean, iron, and fold your clothes for you while you tackle other tasks you have set up for yourself. When you have set for your clothes to be delivered back to you, they will return your clothes. Their fast-paced service focuses on providing maximum ease for any customer with a busy schedule. Their services include commercial cleaning, too. Their team has been working since 2009 to provide their customers with quick and efficient service. You can order your laundry by contacting their branch in Hackney, Dry leaning Islington, UK.


Their business is constantly expanding as they introduce better machinery and friendlier staff into their laundry cleaning centre. They also have a branch in London where they offer the same services to their customers.

Pick My Laundry

As they expand their business, they have launched an app for you to order your laundry with ease! Pick My Laundry is a new laundry service app through which you can easily order a laundry wash, where ever you are, whenever you want. The app is designed to make it easy for customers of all age groups to use.


Here are some laundry and dry cleaning services near me in Islington:

St. Charles Dry Cleaners

St Charles Dry Cleaners have services in Islington, London, the UK, and other cities. Their services include dry cleaning, laundry, ironing, and other essential services like alteration and repair. St Charles Dry Cleaners provide help with cleaning household items, such as rugs, carpets, duvets, and curtains. They’re also well equipped for cleaning items that require special care, like wedding dresses and leather jackets. Along with clothing repair, they also provide shoe repair services!


This laundry service also promotes greener earth! Their pick-up and delivery service is swift, and they promise to collect your clothes within a short time slot.

The Laundry Cleaning Centre

The Laundryman App is connected with The Laundry Cleaning Service. This laundromat provides exceptional services and guarantees a top-notch experience. You can place an online order to have your laundry picked up and delivered. Free pick-up and delivery are offered by them. The Laundry Cleaning Centre is the place to go if you’re seeking for any dry cleaning services in Manchester that are close by. To make your clothing look polished and crisp, they offer ironing services. Your clothing is carefully ironed, and it is folded, by the staff. The only thing left for you to do is hang the clothing they give back to you in your closet because they make your job as simple as possible. They promise the best treatment for your clothes that will leave them smelling fresh. The Laundry Cleaning Center is actively working in Harrogate, London, Birmingham, and other cities.


In Islington, Droplet is a superb dry cleaning and laundry facility. They take meticulous care of your clothing and pay attention to even the smallest details. All of their cleaning supplies are environmentally friendly, and the packaging is recyclable. They offer laundry pick-up and delivery services so you may avoid making a trip and waste less time. Your clothing will be handled with the utmost care when using a drop-off laundry service, and they will be returned to you clean, fresh, and folded.

Pristine Dry Cleaners

There is a dry cleaning service in London, United Kingdom. They assert that they clean to a standard, not a cost. They offer same-day dry cleaning, shirt and laundry cleaning, as well as alterations and repairs. They also offer services for household items, thus they have the tools and equipment necessary to wash curtains and duvets. Shoe repair services are also available from Pristine Dry Cleaners. Your garments will be properly cleaned by their highly qualified staff and delivered back to you in immaculate shape.

Kare Dry Cleaners

Kare Dry Cleaners has been rated with five stars on Google reviews by their active customers! It is an excellent dry cleaning service that offers laundry and ironing services too! You can contact them on their website or through the telephone number they have provided online for pick-up and delivery services!


London-based laundry facility Love2Laundry offers free pickup and delivery services. Within 24 hours, our service will return your cleaned and dried clothing to you. For laundry and dry cleaning, it’s a great location. Love2Laundry additionally offers ironing, folding, adjustments, and repairs. Your shoes can also be repaired in addition to your outfits! The excellent service and high-quality goods they use are worth their costs. They included additional items including hand towels, huge bath towels, bed sheets, duvet covers, and pillowcases.


For anyone who finds ironing their garments to be a tedious process, ihateironing is the dry cleaning and ironing service that UK residents Google the most. It provides all necessary services such dry cleaning, ironing, laundry, alterations, and repairs. Additionally, they clean goods like wedding dresses and take care of shoe repairs for you! This launderette nearby in the UK has equipment and supplies for cleaning household linens and textiles as well. Overall, this is a fantastic laundry business that provides customers with expert services and leaves them incredibly happy and satisfied

Amazing services are offered by the Doorstep Laundry Service in Islington. It has a sizable consumer base, and many people rely on its products and services. You may rely on The Doorstep Laundry Service’s advice because we promise not to let you down. The aforementioned laundry firms are all actively operational in Hackney, UK to offer simple laundry delivery services to the locals.