There is nothing better than getting into bed after a hard day. However, how recently did you wash those sheets? If you believe that you have been changing your sheets frequently enough, you are likely mistaken. What if a local laundry service called The Doorstep were to warn you that your favourite spot of solace, “your bed,” is probably rife with human bacteria? Your favourite cotton bedding may actually provide a risk that could later result in infections, which is a sad but true fact.

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What Makes Your Bed Sheets Dirty

Here are the guidelines for changing your bed linens as well as the benefits of doing so. That bedding needs to be changed at least twice a month. However, linens ought to be washed weekly in the summer or if you have allergies. So why do they do it so frequently? The reasons are as follows:

  1. Dust Mites

The small, microscopic critters known as dust mites can reside on your pillows, mattress, and bed linens. They enjoy eating the skin flakes you lose every day. The fact that humans can shed up to 1.5 grammes of skin daily and provide 1 million dust mites with food is astounding. And that’s only one day’s worth of microscopic organisms hanging around in your bed!

Dust mite allergies are very common. Sneezing, itching, and runny noses can be brought on by dust mite waste and body parts. They have also been discovered to make asthma symptoms like wheezing and breathing difficulties worse.

  1. Bacteria and Sweat

If the prospect of sleeping in your own perspiration doesn’t make you cringe, perhaps the sound of a million dust mites swarming over your bed will. In the summer, you’re more likely to sweat at night, which leaves bacteria and filth behind. This draws the dust mites we discussed previously, but it could also be damaging to your skin.

Because of the dry skin flakes and hot nights, people who have eczema or other sensitive skin disorders may experience an increase in bacterial growth. A flare-up of your skin problem may result from the bacteria.

How frequently should we actually clean our duvet covers?

Because of all of these factors, microbiologists advise washing all duvets and pillows on 60 degrees Fahrenheit at least once a week to kill bacteria. Others have advised drying pillowcases and bed linens in the sun if possible because UV light is efficient at destroying microorganisms. To remove any remaining bacteria you can heat pillowcases using a hot iron on the cotton setting.

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The advantages of frequently washing your household linens

There are other advantages to maintaining a consistent sheet cleaning regimen, in addition to the joy of sleeping on clean sheets and general cleanliness.

  • It benefits your skin

Breakouts and other skin irritations are significantly less likely if you routinely wash your linens to remove all the sweat, oil, and germs that accumulates on them.

  • You’ll have better sleep

According to research, 73 percent of people sleep better at night when they are using new bedding. Who would pass up the possibility for better sleep?

  • It can aid in preventing allergic reactions

As we have already mentioned how horrifying bed bugs and dust mites can be, people who have allergies may experience serious side effects from dust mites. These side effects include coughing, sneezing, and skin rashes. Regular sheet washing can get rid of these critters and help lessen or even eliminate allergy symptoms.

You might not be aware of it, but your mattress serves as the final piece of the bedding jigsaw. We’ve got you covered with our services to clean all household linen. Even while it initially seems like a lot of cleaning, if you get into the habit of washing your bedding properly, you’ll never go back.

With all the information at your disposal, you can now clearly see how crucial it is to ensure that your duvet and pillowcases are cleaned frequently and in the most efficient manner possible. Though how many individuals actually have the time to do this every week, in all honesty? The Doorstep Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service provides services in London Fields.

Using a reputable dry cleaning service in my area is one approach to deal with this problem because it is a lot simpler, fits into your schedule, and provides you the assurance that your duvet covers are bacteria-free.

And why not begin your quest for clean bedding with one of the top dry cleaning services near me? We promise The Doorstep Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service will not disappoint! We offer laundry services near me in Hackney Wick and Islington.

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Your sheets and pillowcases will almost certainly be thoroughly sterilised and cleaned to perfection since our high quality solvent spreads through your bed sheets like a wave of antibacterial warriors.

Utilizing modern dry cleaning and laundry services near me like The Doorstep Laundry Service has the added benefit of being very flexible to meet your lifestyle, allowing you to make better use of your time. This also means that you won’t have to stress about the dreaded ironing pile in the garage. There is no chance of ruining your beloved apparel because a laundry service will have experience washing stuff. They are in charge of doing the laundry and will use the proper detergent or chemical to prolong the life of your dress.