Having a good laundry service is one less thing to worry about. Clean clothes are a necessity, not a luxury. We all need clean and crisp clothes to start our day. There is nothing worse than having an empty and a full laundry hamper. All of us need dry cleaners that are affordable and provide essential laundry services. Along with necessary services, we need a service that operates in a clean environment.

However, if you are searching for a ‘laundry service Leeds, then keep in mind a few things before you trust a laundry service. Make sure to see their reviews, company history and the services that they offer. One such excellent laundry service is the Laundryman app. They are affiliated with the laundry cleaning centre. The laundryman app is known as one of the best dry cleaners in Leeds.

Leeds Laundry Guide

In this laundry guide, we are going to enlist the best dry cleaners and laundry service providers in Leeds.

The Laundryman App

The laundryman app provides laundry and dry-cleaning service. They use the latest machinery and are continuously improving their laundry facility to enhance customer experience. They ensure to use quality products, giving your clothes the treatment, they deserve. Usually, cheap laundry service providers use cheap cleaning products which ruin the quality of your clothes and cause them wear and tear. The laundryman app not only provides excellent services but also provide pick and drop services. They come to your location, collect clothes, clean and deliver your clothes back to your location without giving you any inconvenience. Laundryman services are available in Leeds, Harrogate among other cities.

The Laundry Cleaning Centre

The laundry cleaning service is in partnership with the laundryman app. This dry cleaner’s service provides and ensures a quality experience. In order to get this service, you can go to their website, contact them to collect your clothes and deliver them back to you after cleaning. If you are looking to get quality dry cleaning services in Leeds, then a laundry cleaning Centre is the best option out there. They not only promise to deliver you clean clothes but they are ironed and smell fresh. The laundry cleaning centre also operates in Leeds and Harrogate.

Classic Cleaners

Classic cleaners take dry cleaning leeds seriously. They use the best techniques and products, including detergents and washing machines, to make sure your clothes are spotless. The Classic cleaners promise to deliver your clothes in top shape and deliver on time and best form.


Spen lane cleaners offer a quality and professional dry-cleaning service at competitive rates. They aim to provide an excellent customer experience with reliable and professional dry cleaning and laundry services. They specialise in washing bridesmaid and wedding clothes. All their clothes are pre-spotted to make sure a detailed and thorough cleaning.

They provide attention to detail, and all their clothes are hand finished. They offer services to both business and domestic customers, including hotels, B&Bs, houses, sports clubs and restaurants.


As a family-owned and privately run business, Regency dry cleaners have garnered a lot of success over the years. They have a team of completely trained members with years of experience in this field. They make sure to deal with your clothes professionally and correctly. They believe in providing customer satisfaction. They have over fifteen years of experience in the laundry and dry-cleaning industry. They have dealt with almost every type of fabric, from tough to delicate. They offer flexible services to meet their customers demand. They also do dry cleaning of formal gowns and wedding dresses. Also, they provide services to commercial and corporate businesses. They can collect your laundry from your home, clean and deliver it back to you in 24-hours.

Simply Dry Cleaners 

Simply Dry Cleaners is another family-owned dry-cleaning business. They offer a wider range of dry-cleaning services, including laundry, ironing, dry cleaning, alterations and repairs. They use the best products in the market that are not only of top quality but are also environmentally friendly. They have the right experience and knowledge in washing leather, suede and delicate garments. They also offer fitting and hanging services for upholstery and curtains. Also, they provide contract cleaning for hotels, restaurants, businesses, sports teams and schools. Simply Dry Cleaners are well known with years of experience, and you can trust them with your clothes.

We have given you a list of some of the best dry cleaning and laundry services near Leeds, which can make your clothes crisp and clean. However, if you are looking for ‘laundry service near me, then the laundryman app is our top recommendation. They have the best services with great customer reviews. They can make your life easy. Take the hassle of cleaning and ironing out of your life and trust the lau